Children's Theme Hanukkah Menorahs

See the Light with's Kids Menorah for Hanukkah

It's one of the most important Hanukkah traditions. We're talking about the lighting of the menorah. For kids, receiving a children's menorah for Hanukkah is a memorable experience. A menorah for a child is a gift he or she will hold close to his or her heart for years to come.

So when giving the children in your life a menorah, you want to get the children's menorah for Hanukkah that will hold the most sentimental value. This can be accomplished by purchasing a customized children's menorah for Hanukkah that involves his or her favorite things. At, you can pick up a children's sports menorah, a ballet menorah, or another menorah for that special someone.

For your little athlete, our children's sports menorahs include the Basketball Menorah and Football Menorah for boys, and the Ballet Slippers Menorah and Ballet Menorah for girls.

Traditions Jewish Gifts also has menorahs with various themes such as the Pink Castle Menorah, Flower Garden Menorah, Noah's Ark Menorah and the Wild Animals Menorah. We also have the Colorful Puzzle Menorah, Friendship Menorah, School Bus Menorah, Ceramic Carousel Menorah and other hand-crafted menorahs the kids will love.

This Hanukkah, shop for just the right Hanukkah menorah for the boys and girls in your life. We have your children's sports menorah, ballet menorah and countless other themed menorahs for your little ones. Get your children's menorah for Hanukkah at Traditions today.