Passover Afikomen Bag

Save the Best for Last with Our Afikomen Bag For Passover

The hiding of the afikomen is a popular custom during the Passover or Pesach Seder among adults and children. While it's the children who engage in the ritual of hiding the afikomen, it's the adults who enjoy the fun of picking out the afikomen bag for Passover. At Traditions Jewish Gifts, we offer an impressive selection of Passover items for Your Seder.

During the Passover Seder, the leader breaks the middle piece of matzah into two. The bigger piece is called the afikomen and hidden in the aptly named afikomen holder. For Passover, the afikomen is hidden by the Seder leader. Before the Seder dinner can conclude, the matza must be found and brought back to the table so everybody can eat a piece of it. The child who finds the afikomen matzah for Passover receives a reward or gift when he or she returns it.