Passover Matzah Cover

Matzah Cover for Passover from Traditions Jewish Gifts

Preparing for a Passover Seder? Having just the right matzah cover for Passover is an integral part of the Seder dinner. Matza covers are important as they are used to hold the symbolic three matzot–the Keter, the Hokhmah and the Binah. The three matzo are then put inside of a special matza covers. The matzah cover for Passover is only used once a year during Passover. It is then put aside for the next Passover.

Because there is so much symbolism behind this Passover tradition, it is important to get a matzah cover for Passover that is worthy of the custom. At Traditions Jewish Gifts, we have a wide assortment of matza covers for the Seder. Each one has its own special significance. With a variety of different designs, it will be hard to settle on just one. If you are looking for a more contemporary maztah cover, there is the matzah cover decorated with purple and blue flowers or an Armenian floral design for something more traditional.

If you're looking for a matzah cover from Israel, you will find it at Traditions Jewish Gifts. Choose from the Silk Matzah Cover from Israel, the Emanuel Silk Matzah, the Round Ivory Matzah Cover, the Brown Tone Matzah Cover and more. Whether you are looking for an embroidered matzah cover or a hand-stitched matzah cover from Isreal, we have it all.

When you are looking for a gift for friends and family, you can't go wrong with a matzah cover for Passover. This is one gift that is certain to keep on giving for years to come.