Kosher Hanukkah Candies & Sweet Treats

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During the holidays, the local candy store can be hit or miss when you're looking for Hanukkah candy. So why waste time searching for Hanukkah gelt, Chanukkah cookie cutters, and other goodies offline? Instead stock up on all of your Hanukkah candy needs without ever leaving your house. At Traditions Jewish Gifts, we'll satisfy your hankerings for Hanukkah gelt, Shortbread Cookies, Chocolate Hanukkah Lollipops, Mashuga Nuts and much more with our super stash of sweet treats.

During Chanukah, candy tops the list of popular gifts for kids. Chanukah candy for kids usually consists of Chanukah gelt for the most part, although there are other great gift-giving options such as the Chanukah Dreidel Candy with Jellybeans, Fillable Dreidel with Hanukkah Candy and much more. Get your fill of Hanukkah candy at Traditions with the Dreidel and Gelt, Mesh Pound of Chocolate Gelt, Milk Chocolate Gelt by the Box, Dark Chocolate Gelt by the Box and Oversized Hanukkah Chocolate Gelt Coins by the Box.

For the avid baker who enjoys preparing traditional Hanukkah cookies, there are Hanukkah cookie cutters, Chanukah cookie cutters, Happy Hanukah Cookie Kit, Silicone Hanukkah Dreidel Mold. Traditions Jewish Gifts also offers the Chanukah Latke Server, Decorated Hanukkah Latke Server and Dreidel and Menorah Latke Shapers that are ideal for the culinary enthusiasts in your family.

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