Mezuzah And Kosher Scrolls

What Is A Mezuzah And How Do You Hang A Mezuzah With Scroll?

Traditionally, a mezuzah is hung on door frames of Jewish homes. Original mezuzah with scroll, which contain scripture passages from the Torah, were written on parchment paper, but now there are all different types of mezuzah cases.'s Mezuzah Store sells Mezuzahs in hundreds of different shapes, colors and designs. We also sell the kosher Mezuzah Scroll.

The mezuzah is hung on the right doorpost as one enters the room. The mezuzah is positioned at the bottom of the upper third of the doorpost and should be hung slightly in a slanted position so that the top points toward the inside of the room.

Nowadays, people wishing to buy a mezuzah can get a different one for each room of the house, except for the bathrooms. Families can place Jerusalem stone mezuzahs on the doorframe entering the house, crushed wedding glass mezuzah on bedroom doorframes, self stick mezuzah on kitchen doorframes and even personalized mezuzahs on the frames of special rooms.

The purpose of hanging a mezuzah with scroll on a doorframe is that its text contains a passage that blesses the room or domicile. Keeping the commandment of a mezuzah brings long life and protection for members of the Jewish home.

Also, every mezuzah that is attached to a doorway adds to God's protection of people everywhere. The letters Shin-Daled-Yud (the name of God) are written on the back of mezuzah. Some say those letters also stand for Shomer Daltot Yisrael, which means Guardian of the Doors of Israel.

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