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A Yarmulke also known as a Kippah is a thin, slightly rounded Jewish head covering that is traditionally worn at all times by Orthodox Jewish men and sometimes by both men and women in conservative and reform Jewish communities during services to show devotion to God. A Jewish head covering is worn by many Jews during prayer, meals, and/or all the time. While some people favor a classic black velvet or suede look, many people, especially kids will have a variety of styles and fabrics.

The Talmud says that the purpose of wearing a Kippahs is to remind us of God. The Kippahs is a means to draw out one's inner sense of respect for God. Appropriately, the Yiddish word for head covering, "Yarmulke," comes from the Aramaic, Yira Malka, which means "Awe of the King." In Hebrew, the head covering is called "Kippahs" which means "Dome."

Yarmulkes make a nice gift for Jewish holidays and events such as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah or child being confirmed, or any Shabbat. Make sure to check out all of the Jewish Head Coverings including: Embroidered Kippahs, Baseball Yarmulkes, Basketball Yarmulkes, and even our Jewish Head Coverings for Women.