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If you're coming up short on Hanukkah gift ideas and are tired of racking your brain for inspiration, is the perfect place to take care of all your holiday shopping. With more than 6,000 Jewish gifts online, there are plenty of other Chanukah gift ideas you probably haven't even explored for family and friends.

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For the shopper who is looking for presents beyond dreidels, menorahs, and mezuzahs, there are plenty of other Chanukah gift ideas that are every bit as rewarding and affordable. We're talking about the odds and ends that won't blow your shopping budget. These are little knick-knacks that your loved ones will be able to use every Hanukkah for years to come. You'll also want to keep some of these items on hand for those last-minute gifts you often don't foresee.

Some great Hanukkah gift ideas include Hanukkah candles, Hanukkah candle holders, Hanukkah ornaments, Hanukkah gift sets, Hanukkah gift sets for children, Jewish aprons, Jewish Zodiac placemats, and Jewish scrapbooking. You'll find all of these items at Traditions.

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