Display Torahs, Replica Torahs & Plush Torahs

At we have a complete line of Jewish Torahs for the Jewish High Holidays. You can buy all types of Jewish Torahs for sale including: Mini Torahs, Tall Torahs, Soft Plush Torahs, Holocaust Torahs and more.

The Torah is the primary document of Judaism. Torah means "teaching" and contains all the commandments. It basically contains G-d's revealed instructions to the Jewish people.

Our Torah Scrolls Replicas are made with quality materials including beautiful embroidered velvet, a silver tone breastplate, a decorative wooden yad, and a velvet gartel. The Torahs for kids can be a meaningful gift for Simhat Torah or for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. The partial Torah script with vowels on our Torahs scrolls gives a way for kids to practice their reading for the real thing.

Our Torah Scroll Replicas come in many different colors and sizes and our Soft Plush Torahs make great holiday gifts for Jewish children. We also have stands and display cases available to protect and proudly display your Torah.