Hanukkah Candles, Menorah Bulbs & Drip Cups

There's no need to burn the Hanukkah candles at both ends when you're shopping for menorah candles for Chanukah this holiday. offers a large quantity of quality menorah candles for Chanukah, available in many sizes and colors—and they're all online. There are even Chanukah candles from Israel.

Traditions Jewish has plenty of varieties of Hanukkah Candles for Menorahs including bees wax menorah candles, drip less Hanukah candles, multi-colored menorah candles, traditional menorah candles, blue and white Hanukkah candles for Menorahs and more.

The lighting of the candles is one of the most important traditions of Hanukkah, also known as the festival of lights. The lighting of the Menorah is the most symbolic custom at Hanukkah as it celebrates the re-dedication of the Temple after the Jewish people defeated the Greeks.

According to history, the Jewish people only had enough olive oil to keep the menorah lit for one day. But thanks to a miracle, the supply of oil lasted eight days until more could be found. To remember and recognize this miracle, the menorah for Chanukah has eight candles, one for each day.

It goes without saying that Hanukkah candles for menorahs are in high-demand this time of year, which is why Traditions Jewish Gifts is always stocked up to meet your Hanukkah needs.

Hanukkah candles from Israel will have even more sentimental value when you light them this Hanukkah. Each box of Jewish candles for Hanukkah comes with at least 45 candles, which is more than enough Chanukah candles to last eight days.

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